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Ways to Learn with Wood Disks

I realized recently that I have done a lot of printables using wood disks.  Particularly, the 1 inch ones, which seem to be the right size to add some fine motor skill building to our homeschool.  They're also just super adorable when paired with fun themes.  Since I had the posts scattered all over my blog, I decided to organize them all together here.  You can click on any of the pictures to go to the post and grab the free printable.

My favorite method of preparing these 1 inch wood disks is to cover the front side in packing tape and glue the backside to the circles.  I used to use modge podge, but it doesn't work as well with water-based inks and tend to get sticky if they're exposed to moisture.  An even more water resistant way to do the disks would be to laminate the printable and hot glue them onto the wood.  I also love that the disks are small enough to fit in an Altoid tin, which makes them great for roadschooling (traveling while homeschooling), bringing to co-ops, storing in small spaces, and more.

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