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Spring Bug B and D Letter Sort

A few weeks ago, I did my construction B and D letter sort with my two boys.  They really enjoyed the challenge and asked me to make them other themed activities with the same concept.  They're still working on letter reversal, so I thought I'd make another printable.  My kids picked the bugs and the set up of the sorting cards, too.  They love helping me with my blog projects.

It's officially springtime, which seems like good time to finally release this free printable.  Last year, I published several bug printables, but I'm not sure you can ever have too many.  Click the colored text if you're looking for life cycle printables, spider stuff, bug math, letter tracing, and more ideas for a spring theme.

To assemble the activity, click on the text and print all the sheets.  The letter cards have the option of being of double sided with a cute bug background.  For longevity, I recommend laminating all the pieces.  Cut the letter cards out and separate the sorting cards if you wish.  I like to give one letter to each kid, and then have them work together to sort them.  Extra letter cards could also be printed to give kids more practice with them.

For more letter work, add some vowels from a movable alphabet set (such as magnetic letters) and have the children place the vowels between the B and D to make simple words.  For example, "bad, bed, bid, bod, bud" and "dab, deb, dib, dob, dub."  Some of them are real words and some of them are "silly" ones, which is good practice for learning phonics.

Look for more buggy printables in the next month or so!  Let me know in the comments what other themes you'd like to see.

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