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Garden Mystery Words Activity

Several months ago, I saw this amazing idea on Instagram that I knew I needed to make my own one day.  A mom and blogger at "The Rome Home" featured a horse learning theme with a mystery word activity called, "Stable Secrets."  From the first moment I saw the post, I was trying to find a theme to match it.  When I bought this garden clip art pack from Etsy recently, I knew I had found the perfect kit to finally do the mystery word printable!

Since we're talking about words and helping kids learn to read, I thought a book list would be a good place to start.  All of these books are nonfiction resource books for learning about plants and how seeds grow.  From toddlers to upper elementary- you should be able to find the perfect book for your crew.  Click on the colored text to learn more about the books.

The mystery word activity is designed to help kids who are still learning how to read.  It makes identifying letters fun and different by requiring kids to match pictures to find the letter and spell words.  Of course, this can be done with any set of words, so I've also included letter cards with the picture and letter on them for the child to make their own secret code.  This would be a great way to practice a spelling list, too!

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To set up the activity, download the PDF and print the entire packet.  The first page is the key for all the garden objects and their letter.  The next three pages are mystery word strips that can be cut apart and given to the child one at a time.  The picture tiles can be cut apart and used to match the picture on the word, or the child can use the key to find the letter and place a movable alphabet or magnetic letter under each picture to spell the word.  I have also provided word bank for checking the answers.  As I already mentioned, the picture tiles can be used to spell other words as well.

I'm going to be putting out lots of garden printables on the blog this month, so stop by often to check them all out.  It's my goal to have a plethora of activities ready to go by April 15th, so there will be lots for kids to do during these rainy spring months.

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