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Frog Pond Counting to 10

Earlier this spring, after I did my frog theme week, I realized that I hadn't done any math activities.  Since math in an Altoid tin is sort of my thing, I knew I had to fix that oversight.  This one is a bit more simplified than that ones I've been making lately, but it's great for preschoolers and kindergartners who are still working on their number sense to ten.

The PDF comes with a 10-frame for organizing the counters while counting, number cards up to 20, and lots of cartoon flies.  If the cartoon flies aren't your style, plastic flies can be bought to add some extra fun and grossness to the math activity.  The flies and number cards fit in an Altoid tin, and a printable label for the tin is also included in the PDF.

The number cards can be laid out in order and used to create a number line with the quantities of frog food underneath to show value.  One way to give kids the best chance of success on a number line activity like this is to only give the child as many counters as he'll need to accomplish the task.  So, for numbers 1-5, you'd give him 15 counters, but he'd need 55 flies to do numbers 1-10.  One of the goals is that the child will see the pattern of adding one more each time and be able to correct himself if he has too many counters left or not enough when he finishes the task.

The child can also use the 10-frame to show number quantities, like in the above picture.  Two dice can be used to make equations, then the child can use the 10-frame to build the equation.  Similarly, one dice can be rolled to decide how much should be subtracted from 10 or whatever number.  My kids like to use their themed math counters to do their workbooks.

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