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Watermelon Letter Cards and Writing Tray

My kids really enjoy salt writing trays for practicing their letters.  The salt provides a very interesting texture for their fingers, and is easy to "erase" if they make a mistake.  Just shake the tray and move on with life.  Salt trays are especially helpful with special needs kids as the extra texture helps to solidify the letter shape in their brains.

Today's free printable is watermelon themed cards for the salt tray.  The cards can also be used for a memory match game (and of course, they fit in an Altoid tin).  The set includes upper and lowercase letters and numbers.  Pair with the other watermelon printables from my blog for a sweet, summer learning unit.

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For my salt tray, I used a tiny amount of red food coloring to get the pink colored salt.  Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol with the salt and food coloring in a zip top bag and shake it to mix.  Dump the salt out on a paper towel and allow to dry.  When you're ready to do a salt tray, add a tiny amount of the colored salt to the tray and give your child a letter to practice writing.  For my salt tray, I glued the writing cards onto a clothespin to make it easier for the child to see the letter.  If you don't want to use lots of clothespins, you could add velcro to the back to make it easier to switch them out.

The letter cards can also be buried in a sensory bin and then kids can use a recording page (like the one below) to keep track of the letters they've found.  Hide the letters and send the kids on a treasure hunt instead.

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