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A Barrel of Letters- Apple Printables

I'm in full school mode over here, as we started our new year this week, and have been painfully adjusting to a schedule (haha).  I love to start every school year off with some apple themed stuff, which is why I couldn't let this year slide by un-fruited.  I probably won't end up having a full week of stuff, but I did post some math a few days ago and the focus today is on letters.

My kids enjoyed helping me make a Bingo game for letter identification.  We made 22 game boards, making it a thorough set for a small classroom or group.  Kids can also use the boards as a "boggle" game and challenge themselves to make as many words as possible from the given letters.

I LOVE making Montessori-inspired moveable alphabet sets!  It's totally my jam!  I have one for several different themes and have ideas for even more!  These letter disks can be buried in a sensory bin or hidden for a treasure hunt.

Kids can use either the recording sheet pictured or a tracing sheet to record their findings.  Laminate the recording pages to use them over and over.  They can also be used with the Bingo games to show which letters have been called out in each round.

Just like in the apple math post from the beginning of the week, I used the wood disks again to make apple slice letters.  The 1" Wood Disks are a perfect size for kids to pick up (working on that pinch grip) and can be pushed into a buttonhole in a container for a toddler activity.  I always laminate the right side of my printables with packing tape and attach them to the wood with a glue stick on their wrong sides.  The upper and lowercase letters can also be used for a memory match game!

The PDF includes 22 Bingo game boards, a page of plain apple counters for Bingo markers, upper and lowercase letters with plain "apple slice" wrong sides, and two recording sheets.  For more apple themed learning printables and ideas, click on the pictures at the end of this post.

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