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Mama Latte Felt Food Pattern

A week ago, I posted about a felt hot cocoa pattern with snowman marshmallows.  I had wanted to add a whipped cream option with the cocoa, but hadn't figured out how to do it yet.  I also planned to make an "adult" size latte cup to go along with the set, so I figured I'd just make is a separate blog post.


This homemade felt food whips up quick for a fun gift or stocking stuffer.  I use "eco" felt for my projects, since it's readily available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels Crafts, and Joann Fabric, but I also love to buy wool blend felt from online retailers.  Some of my favorites are American Felt and Craft (they also have patterns for felt food), Prairie Woolens (who match their felt to DMC floss), and Over the River Felt (so many colors).  Click on the links below for more information about the products I use.

2mm thick felt in white and red

1mm thick felt in white, light brown, and dark brown

- scraps of 1mm thick felt in black

sewing threads in black, red, white, and both browns

- hand sewing needles (or sewing machine)

straight pins

packaging tape

sharp fabric scissors

polyfil stuffing (optional)

- printed pattern (scroll to download)

Whipped Cream

This cocoa cup is the exact same design and pattern as I used for my snowman cocoa set.  I have only added the whipped cream pieces.  To read about how to make the cup and to get the pattern for it, please click on the colored text above and read the instructions.

I included two dollop versions.  Both are made with 1mm white felt.  Cut out either the circles or the "throwing star" and affix them with packaging tape to the felt.  Cut out the shapes with sharp fabric scissors.  Then, either follow the circle-based whipped cream tutorial on this website or the throwing-star whipped cream tutorial on this site for step-by-step directions to make the dollops.

Put the whipped cream on the top of your cocoa cup or onto a piece of pie.  Sew it on with tiny stitches in white thread or even hot glue it onto your projects.  Make several to decorate a cake or to outfit a cocoa pretend play stand.

Latte Cup Outside

Cut out the latte cup pattern from the printable and tape to the 2mm white felt.  Cut it out.  Decide if you want to add any decoration to the outside of the cup.  I chose this Coffee Bean Applique, which I printed, cut out of dark brown felt, and sewed to the outside of the cup.

Match up short sides of the cup with the right sides together and sew along the edge to connect them.  Flip the tube right-side out and set it aside.

Latte Cup Inside

Just like with the red cocoa cup, I wanted the white latte cup to be stiff and strong to better resemble a real cup.  I rolled layers of felt into a cup shape with the narrowest end on the bottom and the thickest part on the top.  It look a bit of guess-work and playing around with the cup shape and the felt to get the piece to sit the way that I wanted (see the above picture).  Unlike the cocoa cup, you do want this filling to go all the way to the top of the cup.  When you have it right, put it inside the outside cup.  Alternatively, you could stuff it with polyfil stuffing, but it will be squishier and might not want to stand up.

Latte Cup Lid

Using the tape method, cut out the small bottom of cup circle, the large cup lid, and the smaller lid piece out of the white 2mm felt.  After making sure the cup insides are situated the way you want, sew on the bottom of the cup with white thread.

For the lid, free hand cut a slit in the smaller circle to be a drinking hole.  Add a small scrap of black felt on the backside of the hole to add some depth.  I used coils of felt to make the inside of the lid firm.  Sandwich the larger white circle, the coil of felt, and then lid with the hole and stitch them

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Did you know I have an Etsy shop?  The store is called "Missy's Felt Market," and it specializes in play food, just like the ones featured in this post!  Each item is lovingly made by myself with wool blend felt and hand sewn stitches.  I don't make it until you order it, so I can create it to your specifications.  See all the fun, play food options by clicking the picture or on the colored text.

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