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Six Simple Circle Cookies

I meant to get this blog post up before Christmas, but I didn't get it done in time.  Instead, I started my own Etsy shop!  I've been very busy trying to get that store stocked and full of unique items.  I didn't realized how much I had to get done to start a new project like that- oops.  Anyway, I have a fun set of circle-based cookies to share with you.  Like all my felt food, it also includes free patterns!

As I already stated, all six of these cookies are based on a simple circle shape.  It makes it so much easier to cut out and sew up if you're not dealing with a lot of extra pieces and shapes.  The pattern lists which circle sizes to use for each cookie, so you should be able to reproduce them very easily.  The main supplies you need are felt, thread, and needles, which I've listed below along with links to where you can purchase the products.


2mm thick felt in cream, white, and brown

1mm thick felt in a jam color, brown, and a frosting color

- 1mm printed felt (optional)

sewing threads in cream, brown, and one to match your jam color

- embroidery floss in candy colors (optional)

- hand sewing needles (or sewing machine)

straight pins

packaging tape

sharp fabric scissors

- hot glue gun (for fudge stripe cookie)

- fudge colored hot glue (optional)

- polyfil stuffing (or other materials)

- printed pattern (scroll to download)


1- Cut out pattern pieces for the sandwich cookie

2- Tape the pattern onto the white felt and cut out one circle (or as many layers as you'd like)

3- Repeat process on the brown felt and cut out two circles

4- Sandwich the white felt between the brown felt

5- Using the brown thread, sew the pile of felt together*

*Either stitch around the outside of the cookies or dimple the cookie by sewing randomly through the layers.


1- Cut out the pattern pieces for the jam cookie (4 pieces)

2- Tape the patterns for the top and bottom pieces to cream felt and cut out

3- Decide which top shape you want and cut it out of the printed pattern piece

4- Tape the piece you just cut to one of the cream circles and cut out the middle

5- Cut out one jam colored circle

6- Layer the solid cream circle, the jam, and the cut out top pieces together to make a sandwich

7- With cream colored felt, stitch around the outside of the cookies and around the jam opening


1- Cut out paper pattern pieces for fudge stripe cookie

2- Tape the bottom of cookie pattern to the thin brown felt and cut out

3- Repeat procedure for the main cookie in thick cream felt

4- Layer the brown and cream with the brown on the bottom

5- Sew the two layers together

6- To make the fudge stripes, put fudge colored hot glue sticks in a hot glue gun

7- Stripe the hot glue across the cream part of the cookie


1- Cut out pattern pieces for the triangle cookie

2- Tape the big circle to the cream felt and cut out

3- Cut out the smaller circle with the jam colored felt

4- Use a gathering stitch on the outside of the colored circle

5- Put a tiny bit of polyfil stuffing or other stuffing into the middle of the jam circle

6- Pull the thread to gather the felt around the polyfil to make a soft puff

7- Put the jam blob in the middle of the cream circle

8- Stitch jam into place with cream thread

9- Fold up the edges of the cream circle to make a triangle

10- Sew the edges of the triangle to pinch them shut


1- Cut out pattern pieces

2- Tape the circle to the cream felt and cut out

3- Cut out two half circles in brown

4- Use embroidery floss to create candy sprinkles on the brown

5- With brown thread, sew along the curved side of the brown right sides together

6- Turn the brown right side out and slip it over the cream cookie

7- Sew the brown onto the cream felt


1- Cut out pattern pieces for frosted cookie

2- Tape and cut out 3 cream circles

3- Cut out the smaller circle in printed or colored felt

4- Layer the frosting piece onto one cream circle and sew to connect them

5- Stack the 3 cream pieces with the frosted one on top.

6- Sew around the edges to affix them together

Package the cookies as individual treats, an entire sleeve of same cookies, or in a recycled metal tin.  For a gift, pair with a handmade hot cocoa or latte cup (free pattern) or with a durable tea set like the one from Green Toys.

> > > Free Cookie Patterns < < <

My Etsy shop is called "Missy's Felt Market," and it specializes in play food, just like the ones featured in this post!  Each item is lovingly made by myself with wool blend felt and hand sewn stitches.  I don't make it until you order it, so I can create it to your specifications.  See all the fun, play food options by clicking the picture or on the colored text.

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