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Egg Movable Alphabet Cards

We got our first real snowfall of the winter today (Jan 7), so naturally, I've started to dream of spring.  I also updated my chicken life cycle post today, and decided to make some more chicken-themed printables for learning.  I may end up turning this into a series of printable, so check back on this blog to see what happens.

As I was writing about the chicken 3-part cards today, I said that the life cycle labels could be spelled out with a Montessori-style movable alphabet.  Since making creative, printable, themed alphabets is one of my favorite things to create, I decided to make some chicken egg letters.

These simple white eggs with capital letters can be printed on plain white paper (or cardstock) and cut them out to work on letter identification or spell out words.  The eggs could work for a chicken or bird theme unit or even a cooking study.  Need some letters for an Etsy shop or Instagram flatlay?  These letter cards would work for that, too!  The PDF contains 2 different egg sizes, so you have lots of options.

If you're wanting to use the letters for Easter or springtime, you can let the kids color and decorate each letter card like an Easter egg or even print them on colored paper. These eggs would also be great for a dinosaur unit study or as party decor, too.  If you print on the white side of printed scrapbook paper, you could create a fun matching game that fits in an Altoid tin (see more ideas here).  Laminate them for durability.  How will you use the eggs?  Comment and tell me!

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