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Hot Cocoa Pretend Play Ideas

Oh, the weather outside is frightful... time for a hot cocoa break!  Is there anything better than a creamy, chocolaty, warm drink on a cold day?  Top it with whipped cream, marshmallows, candy canes or whatever you please for yummy treat.  What's your favorite way to sip this awesome confection?

Oh, and if you have little kids, I recommend picking up a sleeve of these tiny latte cups with lids (grab by custom "Cup of Cheer" labels too) for sharing cocoa with friends or these reusable spill-proof mugs for the whole family!  It's always nice when family movie night, campfire time, or special drinks with grandpa can be a bit less stressful.  An open cup sets me on edge waiting for that cup to spill (Anyone else?  I can't be the only mom like this).

It's not good for anyone, and especially kids, to have this much sugar all the time, but that shouldn't mean that the fun of hot cocoa season needs to end.  Instead, I've rounded up all the best hot chocolate pretend play ideas and brought them all in one place for you!  From elaborate shop set ups to sensory bins, felt food to mud kitchens, it's all there!  Click on the colored text to visit the links.

I couldn't resist adding even more adorable fun to this post. Here are some pretend play items and other things you can add to your hot cocoa dramatic play area to make it even more awesome for kids.  I love the snowman mug, and my kids were wondering when we're going to order some for our own house.  I also think the blue and red coffee maker is pretty adorable, too.

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