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Teaching Kids about World War Two Airplanes

My 7 year old son has recently stated that he wants to be a WW2 pilot when he grows up.  He loves studying the differences between all the planes and flying them with his Dad on the flight simulator.  He's constantly talking about them, asking me questions, and correcting my answers (haha).  We recently took the family to the Seattle area (read all about it on my travel blog- Party Through the USA) and spent the weekend at two airplane museums.  One of them was exclusively about WW2 airplanes and tanks!

I thought since my son is so interested in planes that now would be a great time to make a resource guide for parents who also have miniature "flyboys" in their life.  The links above will take you to fun books and toys that are geared toward kids.  My boys loved the small die cast airplanes, and I'm sure I will buy them again for them soon (maybe when they go to the WW2 airshow).  I think the playing cards are neat since they're a replica of the one soldiers used in 1943.  Let me know what your favorite is in the comments!

We're linking up to the awesome list at Rocking Your Homeschool.  Click on the pictures to see more ways to make history fun for kids.  I know I'm looking forward to seeing all the ideas!

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