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Math in the Garden Printable Activities

It's SPRING!!!!  Even though it's snowed every day this week, it's now April and time for spring activities like gardening.  Since I tend to kill every plant I touch, I bought this garden clip art pack to create some themed learning printables instead.  I have lots of fun plans for the whole month, covering many different subjects.

Even though I have a "brown thumb," I still fully support kids playing with garden toys, planting their own gardens, and learning about plants.  This is a great time of the year to try some kitchen scrap replanting or starting seeds to transfer outside when it gets warmer.  Check out this list of fun garden tools below and click the colored text to read more.

For today's garden printables, we're starting with math!  This set is probably one of the most versatile and easiest learning tools to use for teaching kids concepts like adding and subtraction and even multiplication and fractions!  They can also be used alone or as a helper for your child's workbook or curriculum that you're already using.

It might seem a bit excessive, but this printable comes with 11 different fruits and veggies for your child to use.  They can be printed double-sided with a fun pattern on the back.  I recommend printing on cardstock to help absorb all that extra ink and laminate them for durability.  Of course, the background can also be left blank.  The produce cards can be used for counting, patterning (print patterning strips), sorting by color of type, and adding.

The PDF comes with a 10 frame board (pictured) and a 20-frame board.  Kids can use the 10-frame to work on counting to 10, adding numbers under 10, and figuring out the addends of 10 (ex- 7+3).  Similarly, counting, adding 3 or more numbers, and subtracting number to 20 can be done on the 20-frame garden.  A store-bought worksheet can be used to come up with the problems or the child can roll 10 or 20 sided dice to make equations.  Both boards can be used for multiplication and fractions, too.

There's lots more GARDEN-themed content coming to the blog this month, so be sure to stop by and check it out.  Or click the menu picture below to access all the content!

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