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US States, Capitols, and Flag Matching Game

I was in a Facebook group this week and we were talking about teaching kids the US states and their capitols.  We tossed around some of the store-bought learning options, then talked about whether a free printable would be better.  Since printable is sort of what I do, I decided I should make a matching game for our new school year.  We'll be reading through Notgrass Publishing's "Our 50 States" geography curriculum as a family this next school year, so this game should be very helpful for our family, too.  I also highly recommend that you buy the "Stack the States" app for a silly geography game that can be played individually or as a team.

I'm not claiming this is the best game in existence, but if you're looking for a FREE printable for your US geography lessons, click the colored text to download it.  I recommend printing it on cardstock either as a complete pack of 6 pages, or print one set of 3 pages twice.  If you have the 6 page set, you'll be matching the capitol city with the state flag on one card to a card with the state name and a map of where to find the state.  You can also print a set of 50 cards (3 pages) twice to match the exact same items to each other, which might be better for younger kids.  All of the pictures came from Wikipedia.

For games that we hope to play with several times, I like to mount them with a glue stick on 2 inch wood tiles with packing tape on the front for durability.  When your game is all set up, play it like a normal memory match game.  Of course 50 states is a lot of information at a time, so you can start with only 10 states and then add more and more as you learn them.  Let me know in the comments what other subjects you'd like to see printables about in the near future!

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