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Build a Whole Pizza with Fractions

It's a new school year, so it's time for some new printables!  I have lots of math helpers and manipulatives on this blog, but I'm not sure I'll ever reach a point where I can say that I have too many.  I was chatting with some other moms this morning in a Gameschooling group (homeschooling through game playing), and one of the moms mentioned she was looking for a pizza fraction game.  I've been spending so much time working on my small business that I haven't been posting to this blog very often, so I thought this was a great opportunity make a new printable!

Is there any American kid who doesn't love pizza?  It doesn't matter what time of the day or how often we've eaten the food, the kids are always game for another pie.  With so many varieties available from savory to sweet, there are so many options for chowing down on it too.  If your kids enjoy pizza like mine do, they might enjoy these other fun pizza themed toys and books.  Check them out by clicking on the colored text.

Click on the colored text above to download the printable.  I recommend printing it on cardstock and laminating it for durability.  Cut out the Supreme Pizza Tokens, the Cheese Pizza Fractions, and the game boards (although those can be left on the big sheet).  Use a paper brad and a paper clip to make an arrow on the spinner.  Cut the Cheese Pizzas into fractions.  I store my game in ziplock bags or altoid tins and have included a few labels that you can use to make a custom storage container- just tape them onto the bags with some clear packing tape.

This set can be played as a group game around the table, but the "print-at-home" nature of it also means that it would be good for at home learning through Zoom or whatever you're using for "distance learning."  Each kid could print their own set and then play by themselves or with their own family.  They could take turns playing as a virtual classroom too.

Younger kids can use the pieces to explore fractions and to answer questions about which slice of pizza they would rather have (comparing fractions).  They can also work on equivalent fractions, adding fractions, and lots of other things.


As far as I am aware, this is a unique game from my own head (wink).  As a made up game on a homeschooling blog, there's lots of room for fun house rules and tweaking them for different abilities.  The following is a rough outline of how I think the game should be played.

1- Give each player a grey game board (pizza pan) to hold their pieces.

2- Put all the pie pieces in the middle facing upwards.

3- Take turns flicking the spinner.  The fraction the spinner lands on is the fraction piece you get from the pile.

4- Add the fraction to your pie pan.  If the fraction you need is not available or if you can't fit that fraction on your pan, you lose a turn.  After 3 rounds of not being able to play, the player may clear their board and start collecting different pieces.

5- Each player adds only one fraction each turn.

6- When your pie pan is full with one complete pie, you get to clear your board and collect a Supreme Pizza Token.  The person with the most tokens at the end of the game wins.  The game is over whenever you want it to be (comment below what you think a good stopping point is).

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments!  Did I leave something out of the game file?  Please let me know.  If you post pictures of your family playing the game, tag me on social media @mykinetickids!

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